How far would we go?


Today, while scrolling the “news feed on Facebook, my eyes went on the above picture, and my heart was filled with anguish and grief. This image depicts the pain and miserable condition of Syria and other terror-hit countries across the globe. The two little children bowing and grieving at their father’s grave portrays the sorrow of millions of people who have been killed by a few “cowards” (what I call them as) and many have been coerced to . Sometimes, I am compelled to  wonder, which religion really teaches inhumanity and genocide of innocents? where in scriptures does someone find the motivation to kill innocents? As far as my knowledge goes, there is NO religion which teaches hate and killing of humans.

However, above picture only depicts on side of the story. There are many more stories which are unheard. An another side of the story is that there are many people who are leaving their countries to save their lives and taking refuge in other countries, that to, with limited guarantee of life.

How far would we go? How far would we go to prove our supremacy over other by massacres and genocides? How far would we go, killing innocence in the name religion? How far would be go to defame the fundamentals of humanity under the pretext of “glorifying” religion? Where are we as mankind heading to? What is the solution?

Doesn’t matter how knowledgeable we are, but the solution to these questions is probably unknown. What we could do as normal citizens is we can just hope for whole world to unite  as “mankind” for fighting terrorism. According to me, that’s the only way forward.


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