Why were they compelled to risk their lives?


Today, while waiting for the bus at Nauroji Nagar bus stop just near my college, I noticed something, which entirely shook my conscience from beneath and I was totally distorted. The only question that ringed in my head was Why?

A bunch of students from the Government schools of Sarojini Nagar landed at the Nauroji Nagar bus stop and the number of students were increasing every moment and soon the whole stop was assembled with students of government schools and soon it became very difficult for the local commuters to get out of that crowd of students to catch their destined buses .

With every public bus stopping at the stop, a large number students would rush towards the bus even before it stops, carrying high intensity of risk and danger with them. Some will stand on foot-board of the bus while the others who were left behind would hang on the doors of the bus, leaning on the sides of the windows, risking their lives at stake.

While, on the other hand, seeing the massive number and aggressive attitude of students most of the buses did not stop at the destined halt and would move on without taking or de-boarding any passenger. However, some stopped but, at a distance ahead of the destined stop to avoid these students.

The only question that alarmed my conscience was that why were they compelled to risk their lives in such a way? It lies under the purview of the Government in center as well as the state government, to check for safety and precautionary measures adopted for the students of these Government schools. Isn’t it the duty of the Government to allocate transport facilities to these schools for their safety.

The present government of the NCT of Delhi came with a lot of promises in power, reform in education of the government schools was also one of their primitive promises. However, no commendable achievements in this field has been shown by the present Government yet. Dispensing basic amenities to the government schools would be one of the remarkable achievements, it they do so.

I have thought of writing a letter to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of NCT of Delhi, pleading his intervention on this issue.



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