My mother- Heaven on earth

“meri maa, meri maaa… pyaari maa, mumma, ho maa!

 maa, pyaari maa… mumma!”

Quran says, “the feet of your mother is alike heaven”. Yes, my mother is my heaven. She is the most precious blessing that the Almighty bestowed upon me. Mothers are such an important person in a boy’s life, she loves him more than anyone in this world, she cares for him more than anyone else could ever do, she protects him like a shield and yields like a farmer.

On this day, it’s been 68 days since I have been without you, and I cannot explain how each day has been. Before leaving home, I knew that it would be difficult to sustain life without you, but didn’t knew it would be as difficult as this. I remember when you used to tease me by saying “Dilli mein tera kya hoga, mere bina?” and I used to ignore it by saying “Haan Haan! Dekh lenge” 😃 With the passage of every moment, I am missing you badly.

It’s been a long time since I saw your face, it’s been long since I ate foods made by you, it’s been long since I took you for shopping, it’s been long since I made fun of your cooking, it’s been a long time since we ate dinner together.

You have been an inspiration during losses, light in darkness, happiness in sorrows, my hope during adversities, and have always been there with me, at every step of life. More than a guardian, you have been a companion to me. For more than 18 years of my life I have waked seeing your face and slept after watching your face, my days have started with your voice and ended with yours.

Since, papa has been working abroad since very early days of my childhood, I know it wouldn’t have been easy for you to bring up such a naughty child, alone, mischievous in all ways. I know the complaint’s which used to come to you, through my teachers and neighbours and you would fight with all of them saying that “mera beta aisa kuch kar hi nai sakta hain” though you know that I would have surely done that. You have always changed my mistakes into learning and all my “shaitaani’s” into “bachpana”. You have always kept my wishes on top of everything else, each and every wish of mine was your primitive priority. May be this is one of those reasons, why I miss you so much. You have spoiled me, mummy 😜 😂 Haha!!

When I hear of your illness and adverse report’s on diabetes, I feel like leaving everything and running back to you, and look after you, the way you did till now. However, somewhere I understand that your shadow will weaken me, staying away from you would strengthen me. But I am sure you will keep my promise and would look after yourselves, always. My one aim in life is to provide you with every comfort that you have given to me till date. However, I understand this would be NOTHING in front of your love and affection.

MUMMY, you are no less than an angel to me, sent by Lord to guard and guide me in every phase of my life, I Love You so much Mummy. Allah aapko hamesha salaamat rakhe.


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