Visit to Parliament-A dream come true!

A visit to the supreme legislative body of the Republic of India, is no less than a dream turning into reality for a person like me. I have always been keen on visiting historic places and Parliament of India was certainly, one among them. This visit was unlike any other visit where I just go, spend some time, click photographs and run back to home. This visit was historic and memorable in its own way. 

How often does it happen that the visuals which you which you might have seen in television, newspapers or on the internet turns to a live encounter. Where one is blessed to experience everything in reality, that once, was only limited to pre-captured images. You start feeling blessed to be on the premises where the great legends like Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr Ambedkar, Indira Gandhi have once been in. One would be proud to be in a place where the present and future of our country is formulated in the form of laws and reforms. It fills one with privilege to be at the premise where once Bhagat Singh and Batukehwar Dutt threw two bombs in the Central Legislative Assembly and offered themselves for arrest. All these historic events would start roaming in your head, once you enter the Parliament.

However, the security checks, begins from entering the gates of the Parliament and continues till you reach the Visitors gallery of the Parliament, would simply piss you off. Nonetheless, one also has to understand that these security checks are important for the security of our lawmakers and since the Parliament is the pride of the nation, it turns out to be more important to guard the honour of the “supreme legislative body” of the largest democracy in the world.

The Parliament has already witnessed attacks by arsonists  in the past, hence it becomes mandatory to adopt appropriate precaution to avoid any stabs in the future.

In a nutshell, it was a fantastic experience, look forward to more encounters like this in future.


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